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Your support is helping Hadley get the special therapy she needs

Hadley Bowens was born premature with a heart condition and cerebral palsy. After 18 months of in-home therapy, a chiropractor recommended Richmond Hope Therapy Center. For Hadley’s mother, Kayleigh, the changes have been immeasurable.

“When we first came to Hope, Hadley was in a very dismal state,” said Kayleigh. “Now she can drive a power chair, use a walker and feed herself. Her life is better because of Hope.”

Richmond Hope Therapy Center provides highly effective intensive pediatric physical therapy. Donor support recently helped the Center purchase the ZeroG® Gait and Balance System, a sophisticated body weight support system which protects patients from falls to help children push their boundaries as they practice a wide range of activities. ZeroG is mounted to an overhead track, so there are no barriers between the child and their therapist, creating a more personal approach to rehabilitation therapy.

“There are so many things the therapist can tweak and change during a session, through a mobile device, so we get the most out of her therapy,” said Kayleigh. “We see the results at home because she’s stronger and has more stamina.”

Now a spunky six-year-old, Hadley’s future is brighter than ever.


“Her life is worth living now, all because of donors."


“Hope has been here to help us raise Hadley, and there is no doubt in my mind she would not be where she is today if we didn’t have the guidance and support of Hope’s team,” Kayleigh said. “Everyone there is part of our family.”