Gina’s Story

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Bon Secours - Richmond, VA

Gina believes your support helped her heal after domestic abuse

Following a life-threatening domestic violence incident with her husband, Gina found herself with the Bon Secours Violence Response Team.

This team of forensic nurses and victim advocates are highly trained in how to support victims like Gina. They were sympathetic and caring, and they gathered the evidence Gina needed to receive justice for her attack. But for Gina, what the skilled nurses did for her was much bigger.


“I genuinely believe they saved my life. They’ve given me an opportunity to move on and live a new life following a very traumatic event.”


Gina’s husband was prosecuted for her abuse thanks to the evidence the forensic nurses were able to gather, and Gina has been able to start fresh. She is thankful your donation makes the Violence Response Team available in her hometown. She knows your support is making a difference for others like her.

“I think it really is impacting people’s lives right here. It has a huge impact.”

Now that Gina has escaped her abuse, she is excelling in her career as a property manager. She’s even found love again, having recently become engaged.

“I think there are not a lot of victims of violence who get to see justice served against the person who attacked them,” she said. “I was fortunate enough to see justice served and now I feel safe because that person is in prison.”

“I can live my life without fear.”