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Fighting cancer became personal for Faster, Inc.’s Joel Edwards and his employees


Like most of us, Joel Edwards and his employees at Faster, Inc. in Maumee, Ohio, have been impacted by cancer. When one of their own—Rachel Hake—was diagnosed with breast cancer, it became especially personal.

The Faster team supported Rachel through her cancer journey and wanted to do more to help other women fight this dreaded disease. When Joel had a chance to tour one of Mercy Health’s 3D Mobile Mammography Units, he knew a donation to the program would save lives and honor their coworker.

Faster, Inc. made a $20,000 donation to Mercy Health Foundation in support of the 3D Mobile Mammography Units so women in Toledo and surrounding communities can more easily connect to life-saving breast cancer screenings. The latest technology makes 3D mammogram images more detailed and sensitive, meaning the first signs of breast cancer can be detected earlier when the disease is most treatable.

Long before his employee was diagnosed with breast cancer, Joel had witnessed the effects of cancer on his own loved ones. In the 1970s his beloved aunt died from leukemia and in the 90s his wife’s aunt battled breast cancer.

“I remember the strength my aunt had—the human spirit. That made an early impression on me,” said Joel. “The thing about cancer is that the impact isn’t just on the individual. It leaves a crater in people’s lives.”

Our company depends on technology, so I really appreciated seeing how improvements in technology can help people when I walked through the 3D Mobile Mammography Unit. If we can help provide early screenings and save even one life, $20,000 is a small amount to pay.

Joel Edwards of Faster, Inc.

Joel Edwards

General Manager
Faster, Inc. North America
Maumee, OH

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For Faster North America, giving back became personal

When an employee was diagnosed with breast cancer, Faster’s general manager Joel Edwards knew donating to the 3D Mobile Mammography Unit at Mercy Health was a way to honor her cancer battle and help other women get life-saving annual breast cancer screenings. In this video, Joel shares why giving back to help others is a personal and professional core value.