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donor | Bon Secours - Richmond, VA

Amy and Bill give to help victims heal

Amy and Bill O'Keefe have seen firsthand the damage done because of sexual abuse. That’s why they choose to give to the Violence Response Team at Bon Secours Richmond.

“Both of us have had family members who have been victims of abuse,” Bill said. “Especially when it happens to young girls, it can ruin their lives and does lasting damage. These nurses offer victims hope and ways to deal with the abuse.”

“Our support has a lot to do with the team,” Amy said.


“Their dedication and their ability to not just provide services but also empathize with the trauma the victim has experienced—whether they are male or female, young or old—is so impressive.”


“This is a problem most of us turn a blind eye to,” Bill added. “Whatever we can do to help the team is something we feel obligated to do, and it enriches our lives as well.”