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Cold Cap Therapy

Care for Cancer Patients

Help every chemo patient get a Cold Cap to prevent hair loss

Cold Caps help patients keep their spirits up while fighting cancer

Your donation means more patients can use a Cold Cap during chemotherapy and keep their hair during cancer treatments

Hair loss during cancer treatment can be traumatizing for patients who are already going through the challenge of their lives. The revolutionary Paxman Scalp Cooling therapy, also known as Cold Caps, helps significantly reduce hair loss caused by chemotherapy. The ability to retain some or most of their hair during treatment is monumental for cancer patients' mental health and self-confidence.

When a Cold Cap device is worn, its cooling effect reduces blood flow to the scalp, which in turn reduces the amount of chemotherapy medication that reaches the hair follicles. This helps prevent hair loss. 

Currently, Bon Secours offers scalp cooling therapy at three hospitals in the Richmond area, which can accommodate a total of 15 patients at one time. Your donation will help purchase more Cold Caps so that more eligible cancer patients may benefit from this life-changing technology. 

Consider giving so that more cancer patients can maintain their sense of self during treatment; every dollar helps.

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2nd Annual Rock N Roll Rumble

We are happy to announce the 2nd Annual Rock N Roll Rumble supporting Cold Cap therapy at Bon Secours. Funds raised will help provide more eligible patients with this life-changing technology.

Come see us at Hardywood Park Craft Brewery's West Creek location. You'll get to try their Cancer Sucks Cold Caps IPA and listen to some great music!


May 18, 2024


Hardywood Park Craft Brewery - West Creek
820 Sanctuary Trail Dr.
Richmond, VA 23238

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